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On April 28th of this year, 2020, my wife and I just finished a great meal of beef we purchased from Katie and Kregg Carothers of KCK Farms in Anthony, Ks. As we settled in to watch a Hallmark movie, my wife commented that the meat counter was empty at the grocery store that day.

I grabbed my laptop and created the Facebook Group, Shop Kansas Farms for the sole purpose to connect you to the wonderful farm and ranch families of Kansas so you can buy your meat, veggies, dairy and fruit directly from them! 

Little did I know that I was like a little kid that pulled a plug on a dam and unleashed a flood!

In the first eight weeks, more than 140,000 members joined as people began buying directly from farms and ranches in Kansas! 

There were two incredible people who rescued me from drowning: Meagan Cramer and Olivia Fletcher who became admins and have provided amazing structure! In addition, some other great moderators have joined in: Nancy Hildebrand Brown, Katie Carothers, Darrel Peterson, Jr., Megan Gilliland and Taylor Stewart. Without all of these great volunteers, Shop Kansas Farm would not exist.

Since then, numerous states have asked to use our model to begin their own. A movement has begun and the best part is that the farming and ranching community provided hope to calm the fears of the public who, like me, saw empty produce and meat shelves for the first time in their lives.

Please, if you haven’t joined yet, jump over to our Shop Kansas Farms Facebook Group and join in on the action! 

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Rick McNary

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