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My husband, Derek Myers, and I decided to visit Skyview Farm and Creamery near Pleasanton, KS. We live near Paola and, although the creamery is conveniently located off of Highway 69, we enjoyed a hilly country route through valleys, over Big Sugar and Little Sugar Creeks (with a Rainbow Arch bridge), and drove past Mine Creek Battlefield Site. Before we went, we made sure to check their open hours which they have posted on their website.

We rang the porch bell and were greeted by Bill Noffke. He invited us in to the little store where we saw Sheri behind glass, pouring off fresh milk.

Bill said they broke ground on the Grade A “micro dairy creamery” a decade ago, and have been producing cheese, milk and yogurt ever since.

10 of 13 Jersey cattle are milked twice a day, and some of this is sold as half and full gallon jars of milk. Since Kansas law prohibits transport of milk to farmer’s markets, Bill and Sheri help customers connect with a carpool network for delivery or pickup.

We chose Caerphilly Cheddar and Himmelsburg from their list of fresh and “cave aged” cheeses.

I grabbed a container of Jersey Silk yogurt that Sheri strains an extra time to make it really creamy. (I enjoyed mine plain with fresh fruit topping.)

We also bought some ground beef that they’d had delivered the day before.

Afterwards, Bill showed us around and we met some of the cows. I got sidetracked by Champ’s big brown eyes and forgot to take photos… We didn’t do a full tour, but they offer tours for $5.00 per person with a minimum of 10 people preferred.

They can be contacted at or by phone (913) 352-8727, to make reservations.  Sheri also suggested signing up for their newsletter for updates on current availability of products.

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