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Join our 2nd attempt (Rick failed in technology last week!) to campfire with Katie Carothers of KCK Farms, Inc., Anthony, KS!
Katie Carothers of KCK Farms, Inc., will share stories of their farm and answer questions! This is a fun way to spend a bit of your Sunday evening chatting with an amazing Kansas farmer. It was beef from her farm that my wife and I dined on the night I started Shop Kansas Farms. After dinner, my wife told me that she had been to the grocery store that day and the meat counter was empty. So I created the group to connect my friends to people like Katie whom I knew grew food that people could buy directly from them. She will talk about her husband, Kregg, and their fine boys, Callan and Cooper plus how they began this direct-to-consumer business, what they offer and why their beef tastes so amazingly great. It will be a great way to meet YOUR Kansas farmer!

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The Carothers Family of KCK Farms, Inc.

Kregg, Katie, Callan and Cooper Carothers

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