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     Brian Payer is an example of the upcoming generation of farmers that offer meat for sale directly-to-consumers.

     As you talk to any farmer, they soon let you know what “generation”  defines them such as first-generation, second-generation, or, as in Brian’s case, fifth-generation. Each generation adjusts to current trends in order to create economic and environmental sustainability for the farm to ensure that success generations of their family can remain on the farm. 

     Located 12 miles east of Burlington, the Payer family has farmed the surrounding area in a variety of ways since the 1800s and currently have 600 head of Angus cattle in their cow/calf operation.

     Along with his grandparents, Arden and Kathy, and his parents, Brad and Lindsay, Brian and his two brothers, Kasten and Grayson, are the fifth generation to farm this land. He named his business P3 Meats because there are currently three generations of Payers on their farm.

     Like many young farmers seeking to carry on the generational tradition, Brian decided to add another revenue stream to the farm by offering beef for sale directly to consumers. 

     The storefront of P3 Meats is on his grandparent’s place where he offers for sale, or delivery, various cuts of his Angus beef which is processed in the local locker at Moran, Kansas. 

     Brian, and P3 Meats, is one of the first farmers to have a digital storefront on the Shop Kansas Farms website where you can purchase, online, any of his product offerings.  

 Here’s his contact information:

 P3 Meats

Phone: 620-203-8403

Digital Storefront: P3 Meats Digital Storefront on Shop Kansas Farms

 Physical Storefront: Open 24/7, but please call or text before you go.

1325 Underwood Lane

Westphalia, KS 66093

 Delivery options:

  • In-state shipping
  • Pick up at storefront
  • Local delivery
  • Delivery outside of 35 miles is negotiable
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