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  1. You know exactly where your food comes from, how it is raised, how it is processed, and why it tastes so good.
  2. You get to personally know the farmer/rancher/grower who grows it.
  3. You provide the farmers the ability to be paid fairly for their products.
  4. You help rural Kansas prosper.
  5. You help family farms keep the farm in the family.
  6. You help the Kansas economy, rather than another state’s economy.
  7. You become friends with the people who grow your food.
  8. You have new stories to tell others about the farmers you know and how your food is raised.
  9. You learn about the various ways in which animals and plants are raised for food.
  10. You are encouraging a free market economy.
  11. And the #11 bonus… you fall in love with Kansas farm and ranch families who grow the food you eat!
You can find a farm and ranch near you by going to our searchable map & directory!
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