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If you were to look at the various rules we have for our Facebook group, each one was instituted in reaction to someone who tried to take us a different direction from our mission and values. One that is often broken is in regards to people fussing with a farmer over prices. It happened again this week, so I put up the following post about what type of civil engagement we expect in our group. Within one day, more than 2,200 people reacted positively and more than 250 comments in support were made. It tells me that people are tired of unpleasantness and want boundaries for behaviors set and followed. Here’s my post:

Guess what I did this week. I was in a lumberyard and saw the price of something that was six times higher than it was 2 years ago and guess what I did. You know what I didn’t do? I didn’t stop every person walking by and complain to them about the prices. I didn’t go to the store manager and accuse them of gouging me. I didn’t find someone to whine to. I had a choice; buy it or walk on by.Why can’t people do that here on this Facebook group? Either choose to buy, or not, and walk on by? Apparently, some folks think the rule we have in place about “Don’t argue with people over prices,” does not apply to them. Just this morning, one person innocently posted the price of eggs for sale and, within minutes, someone started whining about “the price is too high.”Then another.Then another. Then someone countered with them proving why the prices are the way they are, the cost of production with feed, etc., just makes everything higher.Then someone started arguing with them.I simply will not allow that to happen here. I’ve removed several of the comments and even tossed a couple of people out for their nastiness. Here’s our rule: Prices and reviews speak for themselves without commentary. If you see something you don’t agree with, move on.Shop Kansas Farms is meant to support people who produce the food we eat, not bash them over the price of whatever it is they are selling. I am intent on creating a civil society within our group and I hope you will help me do that. If you just like to gripe and whine, you are not welcome here. If you do, I’ll see to it that you find the door quickly and it will be locked behind you. I will personally usher you out and if you whine about free speech, I will remind you that you are welcome to start your own group and say whatever you want, but as long as you are a part of my group, you will abide by my rules. Just ask my children if I stand behind the rules I make in my house. Shop Kansas Farms is kind of like my house; if you don’t like it, go build your own.You know what I did with that piece of lumber I wanted? I bought it. You know why? Because the world we lived in two years ago is not the same as it is today. Carry on supporting and buying from the wonderful farm and ranch families in Kansas who grow the food we eat.

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