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This is just the start of workshops happening at the Nov. 12 Market of Farms in Manhattan. Stay tuned for more!

From Honeybee to Bottle with Chad Gilliland, owner/operator of Next to Nature Farm

Get an in-depth view into the dynamics of the honeybee colony. In this program we will take you on a journey into the beehive. Breakdown all the internal processes that the bees work to ensure the colonies success from year to year. Learn how the honeybee produces honey, the differences in varietal honey, and participate in a honey extraction demonstration.  If time allows, we will do a honey tasting to see the differences in honeys harvested from around the world.

SAVE Farm program: Sustainable Agriculture with Tod Bunting

Hear from chairman of the board and CEO of Servicemember Agriculture Vocation Education (SAVE) Farm Tod Bunting who will provide a description of the courses offered for veterans and others interested in a career in farming or the agriculture industry. Eighteen courses cover all aspects of farming and ranching including animal science, plant science, regenerative agriculture, farm equipment operations and construction agriculture economics and business plan development.

So You Want to Write a Book!  How Truth is Stretched and Stories are Created with Rosie Bosse, book author

This workshop will be a journey through the publication process. Rosie will explain what it takes to get a book from your imagination to a published product. She will also explain the differences between creating a children’s book and a historical novel. Examples of the different stages of the process will be shown and explained. Learn, laugh and be inspired!

Hot Topics in Food Preservation with Karen Blakeslee, extension associate from K-State Research and Extension

Preserving food at home is a great way to preserve food for later use and a great way to reduce food waste. But, there a many questionable, and unsafe, methods being used. Let’s learn how to Preserve it Fresh, Preserve it Safe! Want to learn about selling food products? We can help at the Kansas Value Added Foods Lab.

KFB Health Plans with KFB’s Erin Petersilie

No matter if you are covering the cost of health insurance or if somebody is paying it for you, knowing your options is key. This workshop will walk you through what Kansas Farm Bureau Health Plans can offer you, your family, and your business.

Growing Kansas Farms with Sammy Gleason, From the Land of Kansas Program Coordinator

From the Land of Kansas is the state trademark program designed to promote and celebrate agricultural experiences and products grown, raised or produced in Kansas. The From the Land of Kansas brand makes it easier for people to find and support Kansas-made products and Kansas-based businesses.

Kansas Agritourism: Creating a Can’t Miss Destination with Megan Gilland

Join us for a buzz-worthy presentation on agritourism and creating a destination where people visit local farms to experience farming and the traditional methods used to create handmade, homemade and quality products.

Agritourism is a unique experience that combines traditional agriculture with tourism. Tourists enjoy visiting Kansas farms, ranches, and wineries and participating in the rural lifestyle. These activities provide lifelong memories for tourists and additional revenue for Kansas farmers who host them.

Megan Gilliland, co-owner of Next to nature Farm, will present this session and focus on the Kansas agritourism program and how to get started in agritourism. Next to Nature Farm is open to the public on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and offers classes, tours, and interesting experiences to encourage people to take a drive to the country and experience something you never would find in a city!

Meat and Poultry regulations with Mike Fink, Compliance officer for Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Meat and Poultry Inspection program

If you have questions about requirements and regulations around meat sales in Kansas, you won’t want to miss this workshop. Mike will cover regulations that pertain to the slaughter and processing of meat and poultry products and what you need to know if you’re going to sell meat food products.

Kids Win, Producers Win, Communities Win with Barb Depew, Kansas State Department of Education

The vision of Kansas State Department of Education’s Child Nutrition (CNP) Program is “Kansans Can” collaborate to procure and serve local foods in CNPs to promote learning and the success of each student. Representatives from Live Well Geary County, Gardner-Edgerton and Wamego schools will share success stories about how they incorporate local products in their programs.

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