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By Rick McNary 
We all know of The Butterfly Effect, the idea that a seemingly insignificant act of a butterfly flapping its tiny, almost weightless wings, has dramatic impact in ways that are unimaginable and perhaps even miraculous. If you trace the inspiration of Shop Kansas Farms, it was a simple act of Katie and Kregg Carothers sending me a Christmas Card in 2019.
I met Kregg and Katie at a Kansas Farm Bureau function, then went to Anthony to speak to their county Farm Bureau meeting.
When I received their card, I told my wife we needed to try out beef from their farm sometime. Fast forward a couple of months (before the pandemic) and we met Katie in Wichita to pick up our first beef.
It was amazing!
On April 28, 2020, when the pandemic was in full swing, we had some of their beef for dinner and retired to our recliners to watch a Hallmark movie. My wife commented that the meat counter was empty that day at the grocery store and I thought that was odd: we had the BEST beef I had ever consumed, and I knew they had more, so I jumped on Facebook and started the public group, Shop Kansas Farms, and invited farmers that I knew who sold direct-to-consumers to post their offerings. Then, I invited a few friends to join. That was at 6:58 p.m.
I checked at 10 p.m. and the group had grown to 400. Heck I don’t even have that many friends, so I knew something was up. By the next night, it had grown to 5,000 and within a week it was at 50,000 members. In six weeks, we grew to 130,000 members – all people either buying or selling direct from farmers!
Now, we are at 152,000 and growing.
All because a butterfly flapped her wings and sent us a Christmas card.
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